May 25, 2023

Aya Miyaguchi: reflections on Ethereum and the Ethereum Foundation

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This is my conversation with Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation.

00:00 intro

01:20 sponsor: Optimism (

02:38 reflecting on early days of Ethereum

9:01 Ethereum as an Infinite Garden

19:14 books and ideas that influenced Aya

24:54 the insignificance of titles

32:02 what does “Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation” mean?

40:33 the “teacher” mindset and how it applies to management

47:24 the importance of diversity

51:41 sponsor: Privy (

53:03 the idea of subtraction and how it plays out in practice

1:05:42 funding in a non-profit context

1:08:48 why it’s difficult to describe the potential of Ethereum 

1:16:46 embracing imperfection

1:20:43 learning from (un)natural disasters

1:33:20 what the 'next billion' means for Ethereum

1:42:59 Ethereum in emerging economies

1:49:09 outro

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